Neonatal Care

It is an area of specialized medical care for premature or term newborns, being responsible for giving precise, continuous and immediate attention to this type of patients who present some pathophysiological alteration that has reached a level of severity such that their life is at a high or potential risk, however at the same time they have conditions that can be recovered.

Within the area of care is designated for the admission of patients born within the hospital that require immediate or mediated management, or of external patients (from another institution) who are independently managed for better infection prevention and control. We have specialized and trained doctors for the management of premature infants or newborns with complications at birth or in the period of 21 days of births; In addition to a multidisciplinary team for the care of newborns.


It is a space designed specifically for the care of the healthy newborn, which requires mediated care after birth, conditioning and close monitoring the first hours of birth, favoring joint accommodation.

It is a restricted, safe and monitored area 24 hours a day. Among the care in the nursery area, expanded metabolic screening and auditory screening services are offered, which allow the timely diagnosis of birth disorders.

We also have the availability of pediatric doctors and specialized neonatologists, which allow the newborn to be monitored in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team.

Delivery room

The area of tocology better known as a labor room; It is the area where you take care and observe the phases of labor until culminating with the birth. In this area there is the latest technology for monitoring and caring for the mother and the baby, ensuring the health of both during this difficult transition. When the appropriate time for birth is considered, the patient is relocated to a room similar to an operating room where the delivery is attended with hygiene and anesthesia standards. Subsequently, immediate care is provided to the newborn and the mother in their recovery.

This area is considered to be of maximum safety, isolated from contamination and risk of infections, therefore the personnel working in the area of tocology has the necessary specialization to guarantee safety and quality to both the mother and the baby doing this, a pleasant experience.