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At Hospital Galenia we contribute to the culture of prevention by offering promotions in check-up packages and always attending to you with the quality and warmth you deserve.

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Why take a preventive check-up?

Unfortunately in our country there is a very high number of deaths due to the lack of culture in prevention. A timely diagnosis can save lives.

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  • EGO
  • First consultation
  • Assessment
  • Interpretation of results

Prevention of prostate cancer

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We offer various packages designed for men who care about their health *

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  1. RX AP and lateral foot
  2. RX knee AP and lateral
  3. RX AP and lateral lumbar column

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  • Lipid profile
  • Stress test
  • Electro
  • Query



Routine medical examination helps to discover bodily imbalances in time

Functional for athletes

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Any of these three checks includes: 1a. consultation for assessment and 2a. interpretation of results query

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Basic cardiovascular


Every day 17 men die in Mexico from prostate cancer, due to the persistence of a weak prevention consultation

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Ischemic heart diseases and hypertensive diseases are among the 3 leading causes of mortality in Mexico


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