The objective of the National System for the Certification of Medical Care Establishments (SiNaCEAM) is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of medical care services and the safety provided to patients, as well as to encourage participating institutions to maintain competitive advantages to reach, sustain and improve their position in the environment.

  • Valid until October 2020

The accreditation of Joint Commission International (JCI) is the certification of hospital services most recognized and oldest internationally. This process reflects the commitment to excellence in patient safety and care, and serves to recognize that health care services live up to the most important international practices.

While the accreditation helps to demonstrate an organization's overall commitment to quality, the certification at the other hand demonstrates excellence in specific areas by promoting better outcomes through integration and coordination of care.

The standards evaluated by the Joint Commission International accreditation provide meaningful measurements to improve the quality and safety of the patient in all clinical and administrative functions of the intensive care hospital, as well as to adopt continuous improvements in performance.

This accreditation has a maximum period of three years, when the Institution demonstrates the high levels of safety and patient care, which is the case of the Galenia Hospital that received its certification until November 2018.

  • Valid until November 2021

The International Accreditation Canada (ACI) program, called Qmentum International, is based on Canada's highly regarded quality health model that has been developed through extensive research and experience.

The Qmentum international standards of excellence cover the entirety of health care continuously. Organizations in all sectors of health use the fundamental standards, specific standards of service are applied to clinical services based on their safety profile. There are also standards for effective organization, Prevention and Control of Infections and Management of medication that are specifically tailored to smaller organizations

Accreditation Levels Qmentum International has three levels of accreditation. Gold, Platinum and Diamond.
  • The accreditation of the Galenia Hospital was Diamond level, with the maximum compliance with international standards.
  • Valid until March 2022
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