They are Education Information Training Clubs (IEC strategy) to the community as part of our process of health promotion and prevention of disease or preventive medicine. That the community learns of self-care of the health, stays informed on how to take care of its health, detect symptoms in time and go opportunely to the professional of the health when it is needed. The entire population is contacted expectant mothers, nursing adults, adults, young people.

Galenia Hospital has implemented a program of promotion of physiological childbirth directed to the community called "Club of healthy pregnancy and lactation MAX", where it supports with health education, and thus have a mother educated and prepared for the physiological birth, strengthening the couple and their family environment.

In addition, the hospital also participates in the support of breastfeeding through this educational program. That is why, in order to achieve its objectives, an IEC strategy (Information, education, communication) has been developed through excellent teamwork with its health professionals.


Provide the couple (pregnant family), especially pregnant women, health education promoting natural childbirth, preparing them for care during pregnancy and actively participate in the birth of their child, in this way help to be born in the best conditions of physiological delivery.

Offer support to mothers who are considering or are breastfeeding their babies and children over one year, guiding so that the mother and her family can make informed and educated decisions according to their situation and particular needs.

To get the moms to support each other and learn from each other the tricks, tips and real and strong techniques that have worked for them, and helping overcome obstacles during their journey as moms.

Maternal and child education with hospitalized patients

As a complement to this maternal and child educational program, the hospital promotes and supports breastfeeding to postpartum mothers, an activity that the WHO has encouraged through friendly hospitals for women and children, to promote breastfeeding as a way to prevent childhood diseases.

Education for hospitalized mothers:
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding techniques
  • Nutrition of the nursing mother

The kangaroo mother program is an effective and safe alternative for the management of premature and / or low birth weight newborns.

The CMM (kangaroo mother method) is the care of premature children by keeping them in skin-to-skin contact with their mother, it is an easy and effective method that provides well-being to both premature babies and their mothers, starts in the hospital being able to continue at home. It is a pleasant method that contrasts with the movement that exists in a neonatal intensive care ward.

The kangaroo technique is an alternative to the traditional method known as fattening the low birth weight newborn.

  1. Offering an alternative for the care of the stable RN of LBW once it has overcome the problems of greater adaptation to extrauterine life.
  2. Favor the production of breast milk.
  3. To favor the neuro-motor development of the newborn.
  4. Decrease the anxiety level of parents.
  5. Involve parents in the care and development of their child as well as prepare them for newborn care outside the hospital.
  6. Humanize work in our hospital.