Insurance and healthcare financing

Complication insurance

At Hospital Galenia we are convinced that alliances make us stronger, that is why we have a close relationship with Novamar Insurance so that our patients can acquire insurance that covers the complications.

All surgeries, regardless of degree, carry inherent risk and possible additional expenses. Although our surgeons and medical staff take all necessary precautions to minimize complications, they could still arise.

Because your procedure is paid for at your own expense, you will be required to cover the cost of a complication or additional expenses as well. To avoid this risk, we recommend that you purchase additional expense insurance.

This insurance would cover both complications and unplanned additional expenses, paying directly to the hospital so that you can avoid paying out of pocket and expecting reimbursements.

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Healthcare financing

At Hospital Galenia we know that medical unforeseen events can affect the economy. On many occasions, medical procedures exceed our resources and therefore it is important to have access to financing options that allow us to get out of the situation.

We have created an alliance with UNITED MEDICAL CREDIT who can help you with financing.

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United Medical
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