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What is imaging?

The imaging area allows different medical specialists to offer better diagnoses to their patients to provide them with the most appropriate treatment. Some conditions cannot be diagnosed just by physically seeing the body, special equipment is required, to perform imaging studies, to obtain accurate images of different parts of the body.

In the imaging area of Galenia Hospital we have:

  • PACS system

  • 64 line tomograph

  • Magnetic resonance

  • Gamma camera

  • Hemodynamics room

Prevent saves lives!

Imaging studies are usually requested by the attending physician, who usually directs patients to this specialized area.

At Galenia Hospital we have the necessary diagnostic tools to provide the patient with medical certainty.

We offer you








Trained Staff

At the Hospital Galenia we have the specialty of imaging.

Imaging is made up of 3 areas, radiodiagnosis, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy.

Images of the organism are obtained through X-ray equipment for diagnostic purposes.

The image diagnosis obtains the images and functional data obtained by means of ionizing or non-ionizing radiation and other energy sources.

In a high specialty hospital there is a specialized radiology team to perform scans that allow brain, heart, limb and abdomen scans.

Nuclear medicine uses radiopharmaceuticals to evaluate bodily functions, diagnose and treat diseases.

The scans that are performed are safe, painless and non-invasive, the radiopharmaceuticals used vary depending on the organ to be studied; The radiation is detected by an external device and digitally transformed into an image for study.

For most diagnostic studies the radiopharmaceutical is administered to the patient intravenously, however, it can also be administered by inhalation, oral intake or by direct injection into the organ to be treated.

Also known as radiation therapy, it is a cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to destroy cancer cells, reduce tumors and stop their spread. When low doses are used, X-rays are taken to see inside the body X-rays are used.

When receiving a treatment with radiotherapy you should ask the specialist doctor what activities you can do, there are those who can continue their life normally, and who have more work.

When treatment is finished, it may take a couple of weeks to feel better, or recovery may take months.

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