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What is General Surgery?

In addition to being a medical specialty, General Surgery is also a basic specialty that allows subsequent training in the different surgical disciplines and its subspecialties. General surgeons are trained to diagnose and treat the most frequent diseases found in hospitals, from those related to the digestive system, abdominal wall, endocrine system, retroperitoneal space, and breast, skin, and soft tissue, to head and neck injuries.

What conditions can an General Surgeon treat?

  • Abdominal and digestive surgery, hernias

  • Basic anesthesia, radiology, and endoscopy

  • Endocrine diseases, general oncology

  • General thoracic surgery

  • Vascular surgery

  • Head, neck, breast, and soft tissue diseases

  • Nutrition Support in the Intensive Care Unit

  • Trauma, emergency general surgery

Prevention saves lives!

It is recommended to see a general surgeon to receive the proper surgical treatment if any problem involving fecal incontinence, gastroesophageal reflux, or obesity is experienced. This specialist may also intervene in the treatment of kidney cysts or hernias. .

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