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What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that applies ionizing radiation to perform functional studies of various organs. To carry out the studies, a small amount of radioactive substance, or radiopharmaceutical, must be administered through different methods, such as an intravenous (IV) line, the digestive tract, etc. The radiopharmaceutical is fixed in the organ being studied, so that it emits a gamma radiation that is then detected by a gamma camera and spatially represented on a screen or x-ray plate.

What conditions can nuclear medicine treat?

  • Abnormal blood flow

  • Aneurysms

  • Blood cell disorders

  • Tumors

Prevention saves lives!

A nuclear medicine radiologist is specially trained and certified to perform studies, but also to use radiopharmaceuticals to treat hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, solid tumors, neoplasms, or painful bone metastases.

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