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What is Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that deals with the surgical correction of any birth, acquired, tumor, or simply involutive defect that requires the reparation or reconstruction of superficial structures that affect body shape and functions. The techniques here applied are based on the transplantation and mobilization of tissues, for which skin grafts, plasties, and implants of inert material are used.

As a surgical specialty, plastic surgery aims to restore the physical and functional integrity of the human body, and thus divides into two fields of action: aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

What conditions can a Plastic Surgeon treat?

  • Aesthetic surgery

  • Burns

  • Hand surgery

  • Reconstruction of soft tissue

  • Surgical treatment of congenital malformations

  • Surgical treatment of tumors

Prevention saves lives!

Plastic surgery allows us to move forward our lives and overcome the difficulties, both aesthetic and psychological. However, it is important that, before undergoing surgery, you forget all fears and hang-ups and choose the most appropriate method carefully, as well as a plastic surgery clinic and a plastic surgeon capable of meeting your needs.

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Plastic surgery

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