Surgeries for rent

In Galenia Hospital, we have consulting rooms available for rent. Our facilities have advanced systems in communication technology and high quality equipment, therefore, physicians interested in offering consultation in our hospital, may have the best means for the best performance of their activity.

By being part of the medical community of Galenia Hospital you will obtain benefits in the use of facilities and systems at no additional cost, as well as inclusion in the Medical Tourism project of the hospital, among others.

You will have the opportunity to attend your patients in the only hospital in Mexico that has the certification of the GENERAL HEALTH COUNCIL and the two most recognized hospital certifications worldwide, such as the JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL and the ACCREDITATION CANADA INTERNATIONAL.

The offices have:

  • Air conditioning
  • Smoke detection
  • Fire detection system
  • Electrical, hydraulic and sanitary installations
  • A half bath
  • Telephone line (CISCO solution)
  • Internet
  • Cablevisi√≥n
  • A parking access card at no cost
  • Curtains
  • Access to the PACS System (File and Image Communication System)
  • CISCO Solution (Wireless Data, Voice and Video System)
  • Telemedicine
  • Auditorium (with capacity for 180 people)
  • Press Room
  • Medical Tourism Network
  • Role of Emergency Service Guards
  • Network of National and International Insurers
  • Medical Directory (in Hospital and Website)