This is our patients opinion

  • Anna Pavlikova
    I'm very happy that I had baby delivery in this hospital and first of all I would like to say million thanks to this team of professionals who works in this hospital. Firstly l contacted Manager of Medical Tourism Olivia Laviada and I got all information about delivery of the baby in this hospital, then I had a lot, lot of questions because according to Russian screenings during my pregnancy, my baby could have problems after birth. Still being in Russia I sent all documents from Russian doctors, she transmited these documents to the Ginecologist, Pediatrician, so when I came to Mexico to the appointments to the Doctors, they already knew me and my situation. None question wasn't without answer, I needed a Neurologist for the baby, ultrasonic diagnostic, tamiz and Olivia Laviada gave me all information about all these researches. All was done quickly and in full. I can't still imagine when she found time to answer all my questions, I understand I'm not alone with all my problems, I can imagine she have many clients like me but again any question, any problem, any help - Olivia always answered, resolved and always helped me. Really big-big thanks to you, Olivia. I'm really glad that I met you and let me wish you only the best in your life and career!!!
    Anna Pavlikova
  • Nancy Simpson
    I wanted to take this opportunity to give praise to Luis.  There is no way I can explain to you how much his presence meant to the 3 of us. This being the worst experience of my life, was made tolerable by Luis.  He not only helped Michael but he was there for Caprice and I as well.  We have no way to thank him.  He was so modest, he was thanking us for trusting in him. Luis will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives.  We told him if he is ever anywhere near California, we will come and meet him.  That is how important he has become to each of us. I will say everyone in the hospital was so kind to us.  It made everything so much easier.  I have yet to stop talking about all of you and the wonderful care we received at Galenia.  We feel blessed that Michael was transferred there and that Luis and Dr. Avila were available to us. Thank you again for everything.  Michel means everything to me and you all treated him like he meant something to you as well.
    Nancy Simpson
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