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Only hospital in Mexico of High Specialty with cutting edge technology.

Awarded with three accreditations from the field of health, two International and one National. Located in Cancún, Quintana Roo, this modern hospital currently has an advanced medical technology vanguard infrastructure and a highly trained and well-accredited team. The quality and safety of the patient is the most important thing for us.

Support to the community

They are Education Information Training Clubs (IEC strategy) to the community as part of our process of health promotion and prevention of disease or preventive medicine. The community learns about self-care of health, stay informed about how to take care of their health, detect symptoms in time and go to the health professional when needed.
Galenia servicio social

Children's Day in Fundación Pro Down syndrome.

Hospital Galenia Servicio a la comunidad

Children's Day in Ciudad de la Alegría

Galenia ayuda social

Children's Day in Ciudad de la Alegría

Fundación pro sindrome de Down

Inauguration of the Art Gallery Fundación Pro Síndrome de Down.

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