Specialty clinics

Cancún Oncology Center

At Cancun Oncology Center we welcome you with open arms, to give attention and care to any anomaly you feel. Remember that cancer is curable if detected early, so adopting a culture of prevention is the best option. We have a professional team to serve children and adults. You do not have to travel outside of Cancun and away from your family to take care of this disease. Diagnosis and treatment against cancer with international quality.

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Discover the healing power of your own stem cells with the most advanced medical technology so far. We are the leading provider of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in the United States. Through the services we offer, we can guarantee that the revitalizing and anti-disease properties of your own stem cells are available when you require it.

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A través de las células madre contenidas en la sangre de cordón umbilical, es posible regenerar el sistema inmunológico de los paciente así como tratar más de 84 enfermedades como leucemias, linfomas, anemias severas entre otras. En Cryo-Cell te ofrecemos una alternativa al tratamiento de éstas enfermedades y al trasplante de médula ósea.

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Hiperbárica Galenia

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments are used to effectively treat various conditions in any age group. Its main benefit lies in the increase of oxygen in tissues and blood.

During the session the patient will be immersed in oxygen at a higher pressure in which said gas permeates the interior of the body in such a way that it causes immediate benefits in the patient.

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With cutting-edge technology, HIFU can be used for the treatment of prostate cancer. It is a revolutionary way of treatment without radiation and without having to make a surgical incision in the body. We have successfully treated patients with prostate cancer with this HIFU technology for the past 8 years. As a pioneer of this incredible advancement in modern medicine, our specialists are considered the leading elite of HIFU urologists in the Americas.

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At the Institute of Reproduction and Gynecology of Cancun, we offer you the best treatments in assisted reproduction to help you realize your dream of being a mother. We are the premier center of reproductive medicine in the Mexican Caribbean and we are proud to say that, with us, the first IVF baby was conceived and birthed in this region. We have a multidisciplinary group of fertility specialists, who perform a comprehensive evaluation of the couple to offer personalized and effective treatments. We remain in continuous development and innovation to offer a service of the best quality.

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As a diagnostic systems company in Bone Densitometry and rehabilitation is to be able to provide a high quality service to our patients by offering an efficiency and safety in our results with the help of an excellent medical team and a rehabilitation program where we obtain the highest level of independence of our patients, taking into account their abilities and aspirations of life.

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Facemaker is a comprehensive and aesthetic rejuvenation institute with surgical and non-surgical services of the highest quality and technology. This institute goes beyond plastic surgery and is able to achieve the well-being of its patients through the use of state-of-the-art procedures.

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Harmony Clinic

The Harmony Clinic is a clinic specializing in hair transplant surgeries. The clinic has a team of highly experienced medical professionals who have performed hair transplant surgeries for over 15 years. Thanks to con-tinuous research and training, Harmony Clinic manages to continuously be on the cutting edge of hair transplant technology.

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